smiLEE Events

Get to know us, your smiLEE Dental Team.  

We are a dedicated and hard working team that strive to provide the highest quality of care to improve your smile while enjoying the camaraderie of each other.


Past Events: 

April 2017-

Yeng's Welcome dinner at The Buffet

March 2017- 

Celebrating Connie's Birthday at Buddha Lounge.


Feb 2017- 

Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting- Our team attended continuing education courses on the latest and best technology and products to improve your smile.  


Celebrating Koua Nou & Nhou's Birthdays at Fat Valdys Bar and Grill


Happy Birthday Ladies!

Dec 2016-

Congratulations to the winners from our Christmas door decoration contest. Thank you to all team members who participated and all patients who voted.  It was an extremely close win by 1 vote.  


Nov 2016-

Celebrating Mai Ker's 10 year anniversary with smiLEE Dental at Splash Studio. 


Team members and their spouses- the end result


Cheers to Mai Ker!


Oct 2016-

Celebrating Mai Ker's birthday at Fugiyama